Welcome To FREESTATS Referring Page Option

This is one of the features that really seperates FREESTATS from the competition. This feature will actually tell you where your visitors are coming from. For example if they found you while doing a search on Excite Search Engine this feature would show you that they came from Excite. This is an excellent way to determine what advertising or other methods are proving most successful in bringing increased traffic to your site. In order to use this new feature you must insert some additional lines in your web site. This is necessary to use this portion of freestats. If you do not need the referring web pages information you do NOT need to add this code. The rest of freestats will work just fine without it. However there have been SO MANY requests for this feature that I felt I must implement it. Please insert the following code in your web page somewhere between <body> and </body>.

Please fill in your own account number in place of the ####.

It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that all the lines remain EXACTLY as they appear, you cannot split the lines up. If you do not do this the referring web page option will NOT WORK. Please keep this in mind.

If you have further questions please email us!