Enrique Miguel de la Vega
The Artist and his work

Let me introduce myself. My name is Enrique de la Vega.
I am an artist, a practitioner in the Art of the Sacred. In a word, I create contemporary Sacred Art for churches, religious sites and for
exhibition.  I work on commission and also sell my work.
Like my forbears in the tradition of christian art, I am constantly learning
new ways of expressing the timeless, the universal and the Sacred.
My admiration for early christian art forms, Celtic illuminations and the spirit
of the renaissance in artists like Giotto, Raphael and Michaelangelo, is boundless as is my love of God's natural creation that surrounds us. It has been said that we live in the worst and
the best of times and it is a fact that ugliness and evil abounds; but beauty and sanctity will always prevail. It is hope and faith that is the driving force in my work, and in my small world and universe of the
aesthetic, I attempt in some form  to express the inexpressible and to
inspire the soul to loftier heights in a world that hungers for beauty in
the Divine.


                      I was born, raised Catholic and educated in
                      Los Angeles California
                     as a third generation Los Angelino of Irish and
                     Hispanic descent,  tracing my roots back to Ireland,
                     Spain and Mexico. With pride  I claim many artists,
                     poets and writers in my ancient lineage such as
                     the renowned Spanish renaissance poet,
                     Garcilaso de la Vega and his cousin the Inca historian
                     by the same name.
                    I received a Masters Degree in Fine Art (MFA)
                    from the Los Angeles County Otis Art Institute.
                    For many years I  actively worked on commission
                    creating monumental contemporary Sacred Art for churches
                    throughout the country. I now reside on a small ranch in
                    northern New Mexico where I continue to create in an
                    atmostphere of Faith and culture.

You can contact me at:
6450 N. Michele Lane
Prescott, Arizona 86305
Tel: 520 778 9121
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