Artist in his studio
Artist in studio


Enrique Miguel de la Vega


                                                            Estudio de la Vega
6450 N. Michele Lane
Prescott, Arizona USA


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Enrique was born and educated in Los Angeles, California. He and his wife, Darleene, are currently living in Prescott Arizona. Enrique creates works of art in various mediums ranging from stone and slate, bronze and high fire clays. After many years of creating monumental sculpture for churches, parks and architecture, as well as portrait sculpture, he is now developing a more personal style in diminutive scale. The poetic and lyrical quality of his work, evokes the very essence of his Hispanic-Gaelic soul along with the spiritual qualities that is so profoundly a part of the southwest.
Enrique does commissioned works, exhibits and sells his art.

EDUCATION:   MFA degree Los Angeles County (currently Otis-Parsons) Art Institute.
EXHIBITIONS:   United States and Mexico.
 COMMISSIONS:   Monumental works for churches, parks, public buildings and portraiture throughout the United States.
Local and National Awards.  Works in private collections in the United States, Mexico and Europe.