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Sacred Art, the fine arts or the high arts? Why? Saint Thomas said it best; ID QUOD VISUM PLACET, "the beautiful as that which, being seen, pleases; beauty that gives delight". Beauty is the object of the intellect through the senses.
Saint Thomas's three conditions of beauty: INTEGRITY, PROPORTION AND ABOVE ALL RADIANCE OR CLARITY. Saint Augustine said, "Unity is the form of all beauty", and it is the reflection of the natural and the Divine. Beauty belongs to the transcendental and the metaphysical. The concept of art moves from in the soul, through the senses to physical form.

       It is difficult to be a Christian artist or an artist that does Christian art because we live in an age that denies Christ, and as said by Fra Angelico "...and to paint the things of Christ one must live with Christ". Christianity does not make art easy because it demands of the artist to work for something beyond himself, a higher reason and a higher love that burns hotly in the Divine.

.    Works of Sacred Art are to instruct, inspire and to increase devotion that provokes piety with union in God. As it was in the past, then so it should be especially today during these times of confusion, apathy and the general decline of the Christian Faith and morality.